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AJC on Immigration Reform

AJC has long supported comprehensive immigration reform that at once secures the nation’s borders and offers a humane alternative to the limbo in which 11 million undocumented immigrants find themselves. Though various bipartisan proposals to achieve that goal have been made, none, regrettably, has made it through Congress.

At this critical juncture, we underscore, as we have in the past, the urgent moral—and practical—need to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. The continuation of the status quo is an unsustainable policy, and does not comport with American values to respect and defend human dignity. No matter where one stands on administrative action, the Administration and the Congress should make it the utmost priority to work together in fashioning comprehensive bipartisan legislation that will provide for a permanent fix to our broken immigration system. 

AJC believes that our badly broken immigration system must be fixed through federal legislation.  From its founding in 1906, AJC has been a strong voice in support of fair and generous treatment of immigrants, participating actively in many of the major immigration debates of our time.  AJC continues to reaffirm its commitment to fair and generous immigration policies, as fundamentally good for the United States and consistent with Jewish values. According to Jewish tradition, “strangers” are to be welcomed and valued, as we were once “strangers in the land of Egypt.”

AJC Los Angeles advocates for bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform.There are millions of people currently living in the shadows throughout the United States, unable to gain full access to fundamental needs such as health care and education. And the fact that we do not know who is entering, and has entered, our country poses obvious security risks. Mass deportations of the undocumented population must be rejected out of hand—such actions would violate family unification principles, fail to address security concerns, and run counter to the values of American society. Comprehensive immigration reform must provide a holistic approach to reforming our immigration system.


  • A path to legalization for immigrants already in the United States and the DREAM Act
  • Changes to family immigration laws including making family-based visas more accessible, reducing the current backlog of family-based visas, and generally reorienting the visa system to prioritize family unity
  • Programs and services that facilitate and support immigrant integration
  • Facilitation and support for immigrant integration
  • Smart and humane enforcement measures that bolster our national security
  • Reform of detention policies, enhanced due process protections, and special protection for seekers, refugees and vulnerable populations


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