AJC-LA Campaign Events

Throughout the year, AJC pays tribute to those who have made significant contributions to the Los Angeles community through their involvement in civic and communal activities and organizations. These dinners are essential in the support of AJC's efforts to build bridges, advance security, promote human rights, support Israel, and strengthen Jewish life.

Please contact Director of Development Marla Abraham at abrahamm@ajc.org or (310) 282-8080 x339 for more information about tribute events and sponsorship opportunities.

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award honors the accomplishments of long-time AJC leaders whose dedication and commitment to the Los Angeles region and to the goals of AJC as a whole have initiated an impactful change in the community.

For a list of past recipients, click here.

Distinguished Leadership Award

The Distinguished Leadership Award honors individuals whose leadership has contributed to the wellbeing of the community.

For a list of past recipients, click here.

Ira E. Yellin Community Leadership Award

Named in memory of renowned attorney, developer, activist, visionary, and former President of the AJC Los Angeles Chapter, Ira E. Yellin, AJC's Community Leadership Award salutes the accomplishments of Los Angeles' outstanding leaders from all walks of life who have made Los Angeles a better place for all people to live.

For a list of past recipients, click here.

Dorothy and Sherrill C. Corwin Human Relations Award

Named in memory of Sherrill C. Corwin, a respected film industry figure, and his wife Dorothy, the Corwin Award is given to outstanding leaders in the entertainment and communication industries, whose professional and civic endeavors have helped to promote intergroup tolerance, understanding and cooperation.

For a list of past recipients, click here.

Judge Learned Hand Award

The Judge Learned Hand Award is the highest honor the AJC bestows on members of the legal profession. The award was established in memory of Judge Learned Hand, Senior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit from 1924 to 1951, who is widely admired as a dean among American jurists.
For a list of past recipients, click here.

Social Concern Award

The Social Concern Award honors individuals whose interest in philanthropy and advocacy extends far beyond their various fields of endeavor. Social Concern recipients show a deep-rooted passion for bettering the world through their involvement in a multitude of causes.

For a list of past recipients, click here.

Abraham Society

Learn about our efforts to expand engagement between Muslims and Jews in Southern California here.

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