AJC Los Angeles Meets with Congressman Ken Calvert

On Tuesday, October 7th, 2014, AJC Los Angeles met with Congressman Ken Calvert in his Corona, California, office.

Congressman Calvert is on the Appropriations Committee where he is Chairman of the Interior and Environment Subcommittee. The Congressman is also a member of the Appropriations Committee’s Defense Subcommittee and Energy and Water Subcommittee. He also serves on the House Budget Committee. The Congressman serves as Chairman of the California Republican Congressional Delegation.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

AJC-LA Meets with National and Local Elected Officials and Reponds to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)

In the past few months, AJC Los Angeles leaders have met with an array of national and local elected officials including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (pictured to the left), Congresswoman Judy Chu; Tim Bergreen, Chief of Staff to Congressman Adam Schiff; Assemblyman Richard Bloom, LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky; Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer; and Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield.

Topics of discussion ranged from Israel’s right of self-defense, the rising threat of ISIS, negotiations with Iran over its nuclear capability, anti-Semitism in Europe, and more local issues such as the challenges faced by pro-Israel UCLA students who have been the subject of attacks by supporters of the BDS Movement seeking to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

AJC-LA ACCESS Meets with Consul General of France

AJC ACCESS Los Angeles held a dinner on September 18th, 2014, hosted by AJC Leaders Julie and Steve Bram with the Honorable Axel Cruau, the Consul General of France in Los Angeles.  The event was called, "The French Perspective: A Conversation about the EU, Israel and Anti-Semitism."  The exclusive event was a success with 40 ACCESS members in attendance. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

AJC Los Angeles and Faith Leaders Hold Luncheon and Conversation with the Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles

Thirty leaders from fifteen different denominations and faith communities joined AJC Los Angeles in a luncheon with the Consul General of Israel, David Siegel, in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014.

The bishops, clergy and other leaders represented the religious and ethnic diversity of southern California, including the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Episcopal, Evangelical Lutheran, Latino Evangelical, African Methodist Episcopal, Latter-day Saints, Baha’i, Methodist, Presbyterian and Jewish communities.
The Consul General discussed Israel’s security challenges and quest for peace, as well as Israel’s role in humanitarian and development work throughout the world. Faith leaders asked the Consul General questions and there was a lively discussion on the struggle for Middle East peace.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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Anti-Semitism is Real

SIMONE RODAN-BENZAQUENAnti-Semitism in France cannot be simply set aside or minimized, as Anne Sinclair states, as "more a social reaction than a real anti-Semitism" and media dramatization.

Jewish Leader Advocates Japan-ROK Reconciliation

David Harris70th anniversary of World War II will provide an opportunity for Japan and South Korea to find resolution to their historical issues, paralleling AJC's reconciliation with Germany

Only Negotiations Can Lead to Palestinian Statehood

David HarrisInternational pressure to recognize a Palestinian state cannot overcome the reality that Palestinians haven't fulfilled the elements for statehood.

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