Five Lessons From the Paris Tragedy 

November 15, 2015 - By David Harris in The Huffington Post and The Times of Israel 

Once again, terrorists have struck, this time in Paris again and with devastating results. The scenes were heartbreaking, as France faced its most deadly assault since the Second World War, and only ten months after three terrorist attacks in the French capital took the lives of 17 people.

Today, the focus is on mourning the victims, comforting their families, aiding the injured, calming the jittery public, and beefing up security, while, at the same time, ensuring there are no terrorist compatriots waiting in the wings for a new spree of violence. At the same time, the authorities must put together the pieces of exactly what happened, who the perpetrators were, where their training and weapons came from, and whether French intelligence missed signals of what was clearly a sophisticated plan, not a spontaneous action.

Tomorrow, the focus must take into account five longer-term factors.  Please click here to read more.

AJC Meets with a Senior Member of the German Bundestag 

October 1, 2015 - AJC commends Jürgen Hardt, a senior Member of the German Bundestag and Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation, for his work in strengthening U.S.-German relations. Yesterday, AJC met with the Coordinator along with his Chief of Staff Henning Speck and the Consul General of Germany in Los Angeles, Hans Jörg Neumann. International Relations Co-Chairs Julie Bram & Eva Dworsky, Board Member Marjie Gross, Interim Director Gary Greenebaum, and Assistant Director Anna Prager hosted the German diplomats at AJC's Los Angeles Regional Office. Discussed were Germany's assistance to Syrian and other refugees, the 50th Anniversary of Israeli-German Relations, strengthening civil society ties between the U.S. and Germany, and the growing Israeli community in Berlin. AJC LA looks forward to working with the German Consulate General Los Angeles to further strengthen U.S.-German-Israeli relations. 

AJC Ad in Wall Street Journal on Unjust UN Treatment of Israel 

September 28, 2015 – New York – In a full-page ad in today’s Wall Street Journal, AJC is calling on world leaders to end the longstanding, endemic bias against Israel at the United Nations.

The ad, “How the UN Divides the World,” graphically lines up 192 UN member states on the left-hand side of the page and Israel alone on the right-hand side. This division is exactly how Israel is treated in the UN system, especially at the Geneva-based Human Rights Council.

Astonishingly, and defying all logic and truth, the Council has issued more condemnations of democratic Israel than of all other member states combined. It even dedicates an entire agenda item (#7) to scrutinizing Israel—the only state so segregated.  Please click here to read more

AJC Los Angeles Meets with New Consul General of France 

On Thursday, September 24th, AJC Los Angeles met with the new Consul General of France in Los Angeles, Hon. Christophe Lemoine. AJC LA has enjoyed many years of friendly ties to the French Consulate in Los Angeles, a partner in working toward combating anti-Semitism in France and throughout Europe. AJC International Relations Co-Chairs Julie Bram and Eva Dworsky and Assistant Director Anna Prager met with the Consul General at AJC's Los Angeles Regional Office. AJC LA is pleased to have established a foundation for a productive and warm relationship with the Consul General. Prior to his current role, the Consul General Lemoine was Head of Office in the Foreign Minister’s cabinet in Paris. 

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