AJC-LA Past Honorees

Community Service Award

2012 Honorees: Sandy and Bill Goodglick
2011 Honorees: Marcia and Dick Volpert Click here for more information.
2010 Honorees: Sherry Weinman and Michael Umansky Click here for more information.
2009 Honorees: Marshall S. Zolla and Barbara S. Zolla, z"l

2008 Honoree: Peter Weil Click here for more information.

Distinguished Leadership Award

2009 Honorees: Drs. Barbara and Gerald Levey Click here for more information.

Ira E. Yellin Community Leadership Award

2011 Honorees: Leslie and Cliff Gilbert-Lurie
2009 Honorees: John Emerson and Kimberly Marteau Click here for more information.
2008 Honorees: Cathy and Len Unger Click here for more information.

Dorothy and Sherrill C. Corwin Human Relations Award

2012 Honoree: Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment. Click here for more information.
2010 Honoree: Marc Graboff, President of West Coast Business Operations for NBC Universal Television Entertainment
2007 Honoree: Dick Cook, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios. Click here for more information.
2006 Honoree: Barry Meyer, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Studios
2005 Honoree: Amy Pascal
2004 Honoree: Joe Roth
2003 Honoree: Stacey Snider
2002 Honoree: Scott Sassa
2001 Honoree: Jeff Bewkes
2000 Honoree: George Lucas
1999 Honoree: Jeffrey Katzenberg
1998 Honoree: Leslie Moonves
1997 Honoree: Steven Spielberg
1996 Honoree: Lucie Salhany
1995 Honoree: Clint Eastwood
1994 Honoree: Jeff Sagansky
1993 Honoree: Robert A. Iger
1992 Honoree: R.E. Turner
1991 Honoree: N.J. Nicholas, Jr.
1990 Honoree: John C. Malone
1989 Honoree: Merv Adelson
1988 Honoree: Steven J. Ross
1987 Honoree: Frank G. Mancuso
1986 Honoree: Frederick Pierce
1985 Honoree: Gene F. Jankowski
1984 Honoree: Sid Sheinberg
1983 Honoree: Jack Valenti
1982 Honoree: Henry Plitt
1981 Honoree: Bob Hope

Judge Learned Hand Award

2011 Honoree: Howard B. Miller, Partner, Girardi I Keese; Past President, State Bar of California
2010 Honoree: Wayne Barsky, Partner, Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher LLP Click here for more information.
2009 Honoree:John A. Schulman
2008 Honoree: Martha B. Jordan, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
2007 Honoree: Alan Friedman, Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson, LLP
2006 Honoree:Bruce M. Ramer
2005 Honoree: Jerome L. Coben
2004 Honoree: Morgan Chu
2003 Honoree: Marshall B. Grossman
2002 Honoree: Barry A. Sanders
2001 Honoree: Lisa Specht
2000 Honoree: Richard S. Volpert
1999 Honoree: Arthur N. Greenberg
1998 Honoree: Maria D. Hummer
1997 Honoree: Howard I. Friedman
1996 Honoree: Kenneth Ziffren
1995 Honoree: John J. Quinn
1994 Honoree: Alan I. Rothenberg
1993 Honoree: Leonard S. Janofsky
1992 Honoree: William W. Vaughn
1991 Honoree: John C. Argue
1990 Honoree: Ronald L. Olson
1989 Honoree: Robert S. Warren
1988 Honoree: Maynard J. Toll
1987 Honorees: Shirley & Seth Hufstedler
1986 Honoree: Irwin Buchalter
1985 Honoree: Chester I. Lappen
1984 Honoree: Samuel L. Williams
1983 Honoree: Herman Selvin
1982 Honoree: Joseph A. Ball
1981 Honoree: Martin Gang

Social Concern Award

2011 Honorees: Wendy and Ken Ruby

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