Executive Committee

Dean A. Schramm, President
Clifford P. Goldstein, Chairman
Gary N. Jacobs, Treasurer
Debbie Saidoff, Secretary
Marcie Goldstein, Vice President
Ira Handelman, Vice President
Daniel Inlender, Vice President
Fredrick S. Levin, Past President
Sherry Weinman, Past President
Paula Bennett, Member at Large
Julie Bram, Member at Large
Reeve Chudd, Member at Large

Regional Committees and Task Forces

Interreligious & Intergroup Committee:
  Paula Bennett, Chair;  Shelley Rivlin, Vice Chair
Public Policy Committee:
  Ira Handelman, Chair;  Cole Ettman, Vice Chair
International Relations Committee:
  Gary Jacobs, Chair;  Marcie Goldstein, Vice Chair
Leadership Development Committee:
  Debbie Saidoff, Chair;  Reeve Chudd
and Saba Jahanian, Vice Chairs
Iran Taskforce:
  Sherry Weinman, Chair
Immigration Taskforce
  Doris Haims, Chair;  Jack Fine, Vice Chair
Energy Taskforce
  Marc Carrel, Chair
Communications Taskforce:
  Daniel Inlender, Chair
  Heidi Cotton, Chair;  Paul Soroudi, Vice Chair; 
  Jennifer Rosner, Immediate Past Chair
Board Programming:
  Jack Fine, Bert Massing, Co-Chairs
Synagogue Outreach Initiative:
  Marshall Zolla, Chair;  Peter Weil, Vice Chair
Six Sundays LIVE:
  Marty Caan, Chair

Past AJC-LA Presidents

Howard I. Friedman
Clifford P. Goldstein
Arthur Greenberg
Fredrick S. Levin
Howard Miller
Bruce M. Ramer
David P. Rousso
Barry Sanders
Richard S. Volpert
Peter M. Weil
Sherry A. Weinman
Richard Weston
Cathy M. Siegel Weiss

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