Intersem 2012

Contemporary Values, Religious Values:

Culture Today and Our Space in it

Took place on February 12-13, 2012

at the Steven Breuer Retreat Center in Malibu

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*Pictures taken by: Jonathan Oskins, Ian Hagan and AJC



















InterSem’s Goal:

To build relationships among future religious leaders based on in-depth dialogue during which people speak from their own belief and practices.

Program Objectives

  • Increase participants' knowledge and understanding of other religions
  • Encourage participants to value religious and cultural diversity
  • Improve communication between Christian and Jewish communities in Southern California


Founded in 1971, the InterSem experience provides opportunities for Jewish and Christian seminarians to build relationships by engaging in dialogue designed to increase understanding and appreciation among the participants. In an atmosphere of openness and trust, approximately 100 students from six southern California seminaries (below) gather for a program that has been acknowledged as an important part of their seminary education.

Since its inception, InterSem has served over 3000 students. Participants study Biblical and liturgical texts, both beloved and problematic, and ample time is spent in dialogue during which people speak from their own lives about their beliefs and practices.

Past Themes and Dicussion Topics...

  • Contemporary Values, Religious Values: Culture Today and Our Space in it
  • The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Addressing and Understanding the Extremes of Our Faith (2011's Theme) 
  • Bible: Battle Ground or Common Ground
  • Struggles and Blessings: Encounters Within Our Traditions
  • Reinterpreting Discomforting and Non-Negotiable Texts
  • Jews and Christians Approaching Israel
  • Living Out a Truth Claim: Who Wants To Be Clergy?
  • How Does Liturgy Deal with Suffering?
  • Interfaith Cooperation in the Alleviation of Suffering and Injustice
  • Faith as an Agent for Change

Partner Seminaries:

  • Academy for Jewish Religion, California
  • Claremont School of Theology
  • St. John’s Seminary
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
  • Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University
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