AJC Los Angeles hosted a unique discussion moderated by PBS Host Tavis Smiley, Rev. Cecil "Chip" Murray (Methodist), Najeeba Syeed-Miller (Muslim), Pastor Rick Warren (Evangelical), and Rabbi David Wolpe (Jewish)

Interreligious & Intergroup Relations Mission Statement 

AJC/LA works to overcome prejudice by building bridges through dialogue and activities with diverse communities. We seek to nurture respect and understanding through interfaith education and to create partners in Tikkun Olam – the healing, mending, and repairing of the world.The InterReligious Committee success depends on mutual understanding, respect, and promoting shared religious values that foster enduring relationships. 

Paula Bennett, Chair
Assistant Director (Vacant) - please email to get involved



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Learn about our efforts to expand engagement between Muslims and Jews in Southern California here.

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