AJC Praises French Government Response to Attack on Jewish School

March 22, 2012 -- New York -- AJC praised French President Sarkozy for the quick response of his government and law enforcement after a Jewish school was attacked in Toulouse.

The complete mobilization of the government and police “has proven your determination not to let terrorists threaten and fracture the French nation,” wrote AJC Executive Director David Harris in a letter to President Sarkozy.

The full text of the AJC letter to President Sarkozy follows:

His Excellency M. Nicolas Sarkozy
The President
Elysée Palace

Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of the American Jewish Committee, I wish to express our solidarity and our heartfelt condolences following the murders of four people, including three children, at the Jewish school Ozar Hatorah of Toulouse, as well as the murders of three soldiers in Toulouse and Montauban.

Through our office in Paris, we have – in cooperation with the French authorities and representatives of the local Jewish community – followed closely the developments of the past few days, and will in the future aid to the best of our abilities the victims’ families.

We welcome in particular the extremely swift and efficient response of the French Government and its police forces to the tragedy in Toulouse. Their complete mobilization, which included the Interior Minister’s presence in Toulouse, has proven your determination not to let terrorists threaten and fracture the French nation. 

As you have repeatedly said, “Such acts will not let France be at the mercy of terrorists.” On the contrary, the inalienable national unity will not be challenged. Indeed, the dignity that was demonstrated by the reactions of the entire French nation, of which you have been the symbol, reminds us that France is a country where every citizen has the right to be protected, whatever his religion or background.

Bringing Muslim and Jewish community leaders together, after the atrocity that has touched the latter, sent a strong signal to anyone wishing to undermine the fundamentals of the French Republic.

Minister Alain Juppé’s presence in Israel at the funeral of the victims of the Toulouse murders provided further proof that France stands by all its citizens.

Mr. President, your determination to uphold national unity and dignity, as well as the firm stance your Government has taken against terrorism, evoke the strength of the French Republic.

With the assurance of AJC’s and my profound esteem and friendship, I remain,


David Harris

Abraham Society

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