AJC Praises Italian Authorities for Thwarting Synagogue Attack

March 16, 2012 -- New York -- AJC praised Italian authorities for preventing a terror attack on a synagogue in Milan. A 20-year-old man of Moroccan origin, who has lived in Italy since the age of 6, was arrested.

“Thankfully, Italian law enforcement were vigilant in monitoring extremist activity using social media,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "By doing so, they may well have averted an attack that could have caused murder and mayhem."

Claudio Galzerano, head of Italy's police anti-terrorism unit, said that the arrest resulted from “monitoring of the Internet that we've been doing for a while on a radical Islamic website.” The suspect had operated a Facebook page that provided instructions on how to assemble explosive devices.

Italian authorities also confiscated a computer that, they reported, contained plans for the attack, including details of the synagogue’s security system and potential access points.

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